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time:2015-6-5 10:33:18
i. overview

roll shift type sprinkler irrigation machine, is the use of intermediate drive mechanism to drive the whole machine to roll over, multi nozzle spraying operations, fixed line water supply to complete the sprinkler irrigation. it can be different according to the requirements of any block width, assembled into a variety of length. according to the requirements of different irrigation intensity, increase or decrease the number of nozzle. this machine has the advantages of good atomization effect, low pressure, water saving, energy saving, strong wind resistance, simple operation, no spray irrigation, etc.. widely used in large-scale farmland irrigation and water saving irrigation project, is a new type of sprinkler irrigation machinery.

characteristics of roll shifting sprinkler:

the characteristics of the rolling type sprinkler system are simple structure, easy operation, suitable for different water resources, strong climbing ability, reliable operation, small damage to crops, small investment.

the roller type sprinkler irrigation machine requires a rich source of water, and can not be a higher crop.

application range of roll shifting sprinkler:

suitable for short pole crops such as vegetables, wheat and so on; the requirements of the relatively flat terrain
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