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i. overview

gyp series of roll shift type sprinkler irrigation machine is the use of intermediate drive mechanism to drive the whole machine to roll over, multi nozzle spraying operation, fixed line water supply to complete the sprinkler irrigation water-saving apparatus. it can be different according to the requirements of any block width, assembled into a variety of length. according to the requirements of different irrigation intensity, increase or decrease the number of nozzle. this machine has the advantages of atomization effect, pressure of the machine, chen neng, strong wind resistance, simple operation, no sprinkler, etc.. widely used in large-scale farmland irrigation and water saving irrigation project, is a new type of sprinkler irrigation machinery.

two, model significance:

three, technical parameters:

note: the amount of the above is the standard configuration, according to the soil conditions and user requirements, the configuration of two times. sprinkler irrigation and sprinkler irrigation intensity can be doubled.

pre installation preparation

    供水管道可以是地下也可以是地上,但必须直线铺设。供水管道可以在地块的一边,也可以在地块的中央,这对喷灌机的安装要求是不一样的。一般采用地块一边供水方式。 3)把三角形3m边平行于供水管线摆放,4m边指向即为安装方向。据此方向设立标杆或小旗等。   
1 water source:

water supply pipe can be underground can also be ground, but must be laid in a straight line. water supply pipeline can be in the side of the plot, but also in the central block of the land, which is not the same as the installation requirements of sprinkler irrigation. general use of land on the side of the water supply way.

if there is a need for the central water supply, the central water supply shall be separately designed, and a separate contract shall be required.

2, installation reference line:

the line must be vertical with the water supply pipeline, and the corresponding water outlet pipeline.

3, the installation of a straight line to determine: (more important)

the available satellite positioning system or theodolite to determine, in small flags or lever installed on the ends of linear plots, sprinkler cloth tube and installation when according to this line of.

it can also be determined by the right angle triangle method:

1) take three straight sticks or similar straight rod, respectively 3m, 4m, 5m volume size.

2) into the triangle.

3) the triangle 3m edge parallel to the water supply pipeline, 4m side pointing to the installation direction. the direction of setting up a benchmark or flags etc..
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