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i. overview

gyp series of rolling sprinkler irrigation machine, is the use of intermediate drive mechanism to drive the whole machine, sprinkler operations, fixed line water supply to complete sprinkler irrigation water-saving apparatus. it can be different according to the requirements of any block width, assembled into a variety of length. according to the intensity of sprinkler irrigation, the number of nozzle is increased or decrease.. this machine has the advantages of atomization effect, pressure of entering machine, chen neng, strong wind resistance, simple operation, no sprinkler dead angle etc.. it is widely used for water-saving irrigation projects of large farmland, and it is a new ideal sprinkler irrigation machine..

the mobile sprinkler is the sprinkler installed in the sprinkler head of the sprinkler system, along with the movement of the sprinkler.. some of the different spans of irrigation can be achieved by the transfer device.. mobile sprinkler mobile sprinkler system can be seen in the market, there are mobile mobile, mobile, mobile, and so on.. however, due to the flexible and convenient operation of the suspension sprinkler, the reliability is high, and it is easy to realize automatic control, so it is the most application of mobile sprinkler irrigation equipment in various greenhouse.
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