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xuzhou water for you on the development process of spray irrigation equipment
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sprinkler irrigation equipment was initiated in the end of nineteenth century, and the sprinkler system was used in the usa and russia..

from 1913 to 1920, a simple sprinkler irrigation was used for lawn, vegetable garden, nursery and orchard..

the soviet union in 1922 developed automatic rotary spray head and far range sprinkler, 1930s made the double cantilever sprinkling machine and plastic pipes.

by the 40, the rocker nozzle and the fast connector, and the aluminum alloy tube began to appear, end towing and roll shift sprinkler in the united states has been applied.

50 years the united states and developed a hydraulic driven circular sprinkler irrigation.

1960s developed power driven circular spray irrigation machine, polyethylene semi hoses and cable capstan sprinkling machine has appeared at the same time, in the 1960s at the end of the research into translational sprinkling machine; in the early 1970s research to make the synchronous pulse fixed sprinkler irrigation system.

the end of the 70's the united states has produced the full automation translational sprinkler irrigation, and the development of low energy sprinkler irrigation machine.

china began in the early 50's, in the suburbs of some large cities and vegetables to develop fixed sprinkler system. in the early 70, the small sprinkler (artificial rainfall machine) and rotary nozzle were developed.. 1978 completed the rocker arm type sprinkler and sprinkling pump two series of products development and production, also has developed into a light, small, medium and large irrigation machine. since then, jet nozzle and clockwise type (circular), translation, capstan and roll shift sprinkler and developed, also low pressure sprinkler and micro sprinklers have emerged one after another.

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