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the fruits of modern agriculture in china -- sprinkler irrigation machine
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the development of modern society brings us not only the enjoyment of higher quality. also to the farmer friend to take to the technical agriculture. with the injection of technology, the agriculture is no longer the past of the way of farming, agriculture has become relaxed, and farmers also enjoy the happiness of modern agriculture!

5 major advantages of large sprinkler:

(1) increase crop yields. sprinkler irrigation water in the form of water droplets like rain like soil moisture, does not destroy the soil structure, crop growth and create a good water status; due to irrigation water through a variety of sprinkler irrigation equipment, transportation, distribution to the field, are working under the control of the state, according to water conditions and crop required water rules for accurate water supply. in addition, sprinkler irrigation can adjust the microclimate in dry hot air season with sprinkler irrigation to increase air humidity, reduce the temperature, can receive good results; in the early spring can be used spray spray cream. the practice shows that the irrigation can improve the output of 15% ~ 25% compared with the ground irrigation..

(2) water consumption. because the irrigation system water loss is very small, can well control the intensity and the amount of irrigation, irrigation uniform, water utilization is high. irrigation uniformity of sprinkler irrigation can reach 80% ~ 85%, the effective utilization of water is more than 80%, and water consumption is 50% compared with the ground irrigation. 30%.

(3) strong adaptability. sprinkler irrigation a prominent advantage is that it can be used for various types of soil and crops, limited by the terrain conditions. for example, in the sand or terrain gradient of 5%, the ground irrigation can be used sprinkler irrigation. in the area of high groundwater level, the soil moisture is easy to be caused by soil salinity, and irrigation can adjust the water level of upper soil, and can avoid the occurrence of salinization.. due to the low irrigation requirements of terrain, it can save the amount of land leveling off of farmland..

(4) save labour. because of the sprinkler system is a high degree of mechanization, do not need to artificial ridging, ditching, can greatly reduce the labor intensity of irrigation and save a lot of labor. this ground irrigation method can improve the efficiency of 30 - 20 times.

(5) improving the utilization of cultivated land. the use of spray irrigation can greatly reduce the internal field ditches, ridge area, increasing the actual planting area, can enhance the utilization of land in 7 ~ 15.

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