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the normal operation management of sprinkler irrigation machine
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sprinkler irrigation machine mainly water pump, a power machine, spray irrigation equipment engineering equipment, and control, pressure control, safety protection, measurement and electrical control ancillary equipment.

general requirements for sprinkler irrigation equipment

before the operation of the sprinkler system to deal with each kind of equipment according to the product specification and design conditions respectively in the preparation of operation rules and operation requirements, sprinkler operation should follow the video operation, planning of water use and irrigation marshalling implementation. spray irrigation unit equipment operation should be run according to the sprinkler irrigation engineering design work pressure, also should be in the design wind speed within the scope of the work, beyond the design wind speed is easy to produce spray leakage, poor uniformity, impact sprinkler irrigation project spraying quality. in the run time of system should conscientiously do a good job running records, including equipment running time, system working pressure and flow rate, energy consumption, troubleshooting, fees, duty personnel and other circumstances and should regularly check.

two, sprinkler irrigation equipment before the operation of the preparatory work

sprinkler irrigation units should be strictly according to the order and requirements of the operation regulations. centrifugal pump before the start should be all open water pipeline valve, close the control valve on a water outlet pipeline and ensure that the engine in no-load or light load start. start should pay attention to the observation on the ammeter, vacuum gauge and pressure gauge refers to the value of the normal, the sound operation of equipment is normal, speed governor of diesel engine and exhaust is normal, if there is abnormal should be immediately stop checks. in the case of the normal start of the normal case, the slow opening of the control valve on the outlet pipe to the pipe network water supply.

three. the normal operation of sprinkler irrigation unit system

sprinkler system in normal operation, should regularly check the voltage, current, pressure, vacuum degree and indication of value is normal, check the motor bearing temperature rise is normal, water pump packing drop volume is appropriate, should also regularly check the trash rack, the timely removal of trash rack of dirt, so as not to affect the pump in normal operation. the running status of large sprinkler system should be monitored frequently..

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