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how to install the mobile sprinkler properly
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1 install to be reasonable

sprinkler in the existing turf plots of land within the construction, in addition to try to protect existing lawn, to pay special attention to dig a trench dug out the soil must be placed in different layers of buried pipe must be according to the contrary and excavation of the sequential hierarchical backfill, which can ensure sprinkler along the pipeline planting layer within the soil and the original soil.

2 install waterproof device

install the waterproof device should be in the dry pipe and each branch, in order to flush the pipes and anti freezing in winter. even in the frozen south, non irrigation season should also vent pipe, prevent long-term water retention in the pipe producing microorganisms and attached on the pipe wall and the nozzle, sprinkler effect. sprinkler water discharging device in addition to the common gate valve, ball valve and automatic drain valve, irrigation stop automatically after discharge pipe in the water.

3 install pressure adjustment equipment

sprinkler in larger undulate system pressure changes or terrain, the branch pipe valve should be installed pressure regulating equipment, such as regulatory device of rain bird series and the electromagnetic valve to match the prs-b type pressure, the pressure regulator can keep the balance of the pressure of the inlet branch pipe, to ensure system spray evenly. in addition, the sprinkler pipe in the necessary pipe section should also be installed into the exhaust valve, pressure relief valve, etc., to protect the safety of the system.

4 quick intake valve installed

in order to facilitate temporary water intake, or when irrigation is not easy to control the edge of the corner, the main pipe need to install a certain number of quick intake valve. this quick watering machine with the key with the application of the key, insert the key, the valve can automatically open the water, take the key, the valve will automatically shut down.

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