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new technology of sprinkler irrigation equipment
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new technology of sprinkler irrigation equipment

1, accurate sprinkler irrigation

precision agriculture irrigation technology is to field farming as basis, according to crop growth process and water requirement, the use of modern means of monitoring, on crop for each growth stage and environmental elements, digital, networked, intelligent monitoring, at the same time, the use of remote sensing (rs), the geographical information system (cis) and global positioning system (cps) and computer etc. advanced technology, on crops, soil moisture and climate from macro to micro for monitoring and forecasting, and according to the monitoring results, the use of high-tech (drip irrigation and infiltration irrigation and micro sprinkler, pulse) irrigation facilities, with slow precision to crop root water fertilizer irrigation techniques.

2. forecast sprinkler irrigation

with the advanced scientific and technological means, such as tensiometers, neutron instrument and resistance method, soil moisture, data analysis and processing of, know on behalf of the irrigation area soil moisture content, according to the variation of weather conditions, crop growth and water demand prediction, forecast suitable irrigation time, irrigation amount, so that timely and appropriate for crop spraying. the effective control of the soil moisture content can not only avoid blind water supply, but also greatly improve the effective utilization of precipitation and irrigation..

3, control sprinkler irrigation

regulation of irrigation with high degree of automation, high-tech modern irrigation equipment, in different crop growth stages, according to water requirement characteristics, accurate to meet the crop water demand, to protect crops implement control irrigation, can control temperature and humidity environment, the master for the growth of water, fertilizer, gas, heat balance and coordination. adjusting sprinkler irrigation can not only save water, increase production efficiency, but also improve the quality of crops..

4, fertilization sprinkler irrigation

fertilization sprinkler irrigation is the dissolution of chemical fertilizer, after a certain irrigation system with a certain device, has now formed a complete set of technology. there are a variety of fertilization in israel sprinkler irrigation equipment, and even a dedicated fertilizer. with the combination of chemical fertilizer and water injection, the yield of crops can be increased significantly under the optimum conditions.. at the same time, a lot of fertilizer to reduce pollution.. with fertilizer spray irrigation technology, the trace element of high price by drip irrigation system can avoid waste, and it is not available for general sprinkler irrigation method..

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