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the main features of the self propelled sprinkler system
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the main features of the water in the xuzhou sprinkler irrigation machine:

1, automatic return function

when you move forward to the endpoint, you can automatically return. the sprinkler can automatically return to the starting point from the starting point and then stop.. optional setting the starting point, the destination. the starting stop of the self - walking sprinkler system depends on the magnetic induction type control. as long as the starting point and the destination of the starting point, the running travel of the sprinkler can be changed..

2, stepless speed adjustment.

the speed of sprinkler irrigation can be set in 4-16m/min.. setting the appropriate operating speed can greatly improve the efficiency of irrigation. this function can provide different crops with different water and fertilizer amount for different crops..

3, regular spraying

set the time of spraying cycle, sprinkler can automatically spray time.

4, with remote remote control function

this function greatly saves the manpower cost, through the remote control, an operator can simultaneously operate several sprinkler irrigation machine.

5, the obstacle automatically stop.

encountered obstacles on the way can automatically stop, effectively protect the entire equipment. by the middle aisle automatically stop sprinkler, automatically after the opening. can set continuous spraying. just set the number of continuous spraying, and the time interval of each spray can be. all control procedures and state can be set through a control handle, operating personnel as long as the master control handle setting method can crop set better optimal spraying program to carry out operations. the installation of a transfer orbit of the greenhouse, a car can meet the need to spray a number of cross.

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