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attention to the use of submersible pump in sprinkler irrigation equipment
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what do you notice when using submersible pump in sprinkler irrigation equipment? submersible pump is underwater work, it has a compact structure, lighter weight, from the well do not pump not long drive shaft. therefore, the submersible pump is suitable for the irrigation of rural wells, the application of the jqb submersible pump. this submersible pump, is the use of mechanical seal or gas seal and other waterproof measures to maintain the internal motor dry, not subject to water intrusion. when using the following points:

(1) check the pump discharge holes, drain holes, hole and seal at the cable connector is loose, must be tightened if loose.

(2) the insulation resistance shall be examined in 500 volts, and shall not be less than 500000000000 ohm, if less than this value, open the drain, vent, dry or dry.

(3) check cable, such as cracked or broken, etc., should be replaced, so as to avoid leakage.

(4) before starting to check all the circuits, the switch, the wiring is correct and reliable, and then over the ground turn 3 to 5 minutes (time shoulds not be too long, so as not to damage the parts or burnt motor windings), and check the motor rotation direction is correct, such as the no problem before placed in water use.

(5) submersible pump placed in water use, can not force the cable, applying it to a rope tied to the wooden stand on wellhead. the maximum depth of the pump is 3 meters and the minimum depth is 0.5 m (from the center of the impeller)..

(6) in the operation, should always observe the borehole water level changes, motor must not be above the surface, nor into mud, so as not to affect the heat and burn out the motor windings. at any time when the water level changes, the electric submersible pump is at any time. if the water quantity is reduced or interrupted, the cause or the stop check should be checked immediately.. can not with the wall friction cable, so the cable frayed after the infiltration of water along the cable core motor.

(7) the new or to change the overall sealing box of submersible pumps, after 50 hours of use, should check the seal is good, after the monthly check, and check the shielding sleeve between the rotor and the stator of the motor seal is good.

(8) one year after use, should check the pump corrosion, and rust paint. such as submersible pump for a long time no, should be carefully checked after the dry ventilated house in custody.

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