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the system of sprinkler system: semi fixed sprinkler system
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water sprinkling machine is mainly composed of a power machine, water pump, piping and nozzle etc.. the water pump with the power machine, pressure regulating and safety equipment of pump station. connecting with pump station at all levels of pipeline and gate valve, safety valve, exhaust valve and other water delivery system. irrigation equipment including the final stage on the pipe nozzle or walking device etc..

according to the movable degree of sprinkler irrigation, the sprinkler system can be divided into: semi fixed sprinkler system

sprinkler, water pump and dry pipe and branch pipe and the nozzle is fixed, removable. to move out of the way human shifting, roll shift, towed by a tractor or winch traction end, driven by a small motor power intermittently move roll shift, capstan and go round and translational type. the investment is less than the fixed sprinkler system, and the sprinkler efficiency is higher than that of the mobile sprinkler system.. commonly used in field crops.

the capstan sprinkling machine. feed water plug from dry pipe through hose water supply.

there are 3 types of:

(a) is a cable winch with winch driving power machine, and a spray head arranged in the sprinkler car, one end of the steel cable is fixed in the fields of traction sprinkler car forward.

(b) is the cable winch and machine in the fields, through the cable traction with sprinkler irrigation vehicle;

(c) is as a water supply pipe winding hose on the winch, winch and a nozzle mounted on the sprinkler car or on the skids, by hose traction forward. hydraulic driven winch type sprinkling machine is to use dry pipe attracts high pressure water, the water passes through the turbine driven winch operation, replacing the engine.

circular sprinkler and translational sprinkler. were multi tower car self-propelled, is equipped with many heads of thin-wall metal pipe support in several can walk automatically turret. the turret has a speed control, synchronization, security control and drive system, make the pipe system in electric or hydraulic drive, automatic coordination as slow motion in a straight line or rotate around one end of the rotary motion.

circular sprinkler water supply by the center pivot, long branch 60 to 800 meters, turn a lap time is 8 hours to 7 days, control area of 150 to 3000 acres, degree of automation is very high. but the spraying area is circular, to solve the irrigation problem of the square block on four edges, some with angle spray device, namely in the end of the branch pipe installed set out a spray rod or far sprinkler range, when go to the corner zone is automatically switched on. the translational sprinkler is the water supply plug water supply through the hose or the fixed dry pipe.. when the dry pipe water supply, the sprinkler to move a certain distance after the mobile hose, to change the next water plug, and therefore lower automation, but will not leave the corner after sprinkler irrigation.

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