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research and development status and history of jp series sprinkler irrigation in china
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china imported hose traction capstan type sprinkler can be divided into the following three stages.

the first stage is the beijing international agricultural fair in 1978, the ministry of water resources, ministry of agriculture, ministry of machinery retained the west germany, australia and taiwan hose traction capstan sprinkling machine, two sets of wire rope traction capstan sprinkling machine respectively by the chinese academy of agricultural mechanization sciences, inner mongolia institute of agriculture and animal husbandry, iwhr, chinese academy of agricultural engineering, jiangsu province agricultural research institute, xuzhou pump factory units of these models are more comprehensive performance test and reliability test, which in our country developed hose traction capstan sprinkling machine to lay a solid foundation.

the second stage is from 1980-1984, qinghai, inner mongolia, guizhou, shanxi and other domestic from abroad introduced more than 20 sets of hose traction capstan sprinkling machine, mainly used for field irrigation.

the third stage is from 1997-1999, has from austria, france, italy and other countries introduced more than 2000 taiwan hose traction capstan sprinkling machine, mainly in xinjiang 500, shandong 500 liaoning 300 units, the rest distributed all over the country, most of them in the trial stage, also revealed the equipment and the field project is not complete and machine and pump matching problems.

1979 xuzhou water pump factory in jiangsu province and the agricultural research institute jointly issued by the ministry of machinery "jp90/300 type sprinkler hose traction winch" was developed, mainly based on the west with our company prototype, and based on the actual situation of our country, we have tackled the characteristics of pe pipe formulation technology, turbine flow control technology, exhaust pipe technology, vertical sprinkler and other technical problems, the ministry of machinery certification in 1982 june, to fill a gap in china's hose towing capstan sprinkling machine, three prize the achievements in 1985 by the ministry of machinery industry science and technology achievements, the first prize of scientific and technological achievements in jiangsu province, in 1986 and the development of type jp75/200 traction hose capstan type sprinkler, in 1987 october by the ministry of machinery identification. however, because after 1984, a change in china's agricultural system, the implementation of the rural contract responsibility system, promotion of the models by certain restrictions, coupled with the impact of planned economy, market awareness is not strong, product propaganda is not enough, resulting in more than a decade has been intermittent production, did not form a certain scale, the technology also has not been the development of has been stuck in the 1970s developed level.

after 1995, with the reform and opening up, with china's deepening of water-saving irrigation and attention, gradually scored our market foreign sprinkler hose traction winch, application for our hose traction winch sprinkling machine brings new opportunities and challenges, the ministry of water resources according to the instructions of the leadership of the company to the revitalization of water-saving irrigation in our country as its mission, the introduction of austria bauer (paul) the main direction of the company tx series sprinkler as the goal as the research, and in a very short period of time a sense of super advanced level in foreign countries has developed jp40, 50, 65, 75, 85, 90, 100 series 56 kinds of hose traction capstan a single sprinkler spray, there are multi nozzle truss, the results of scientific research in 1998 october through the identification of the ministry of water resources. made a number of patents and major scientific and technological achievements.

our company through the research in recent years, the introduction, digestion, absorption, and industrialization scale production, to solve the domestic hose distractor capstan sprinkling machine products less size, characteristics of pe pipe winding and abrasion resistance is poor, poor hydroturbine speed accuracy, nozzle can not rely on technology security issues, products with international advanced equipment standards, in the domestic leading level and become china's first annual production capacity of 1500 hose traction capstan sprinkling machine production base.

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